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Yes, Excuse me? Hello? Yes, you there!…  … Whew, that’s better, allow me to catch my breath…Now, are you by any remote chance suffering from Cognitive Dissonance?
Not sure?
Best play it safe old chaps and read my Notes, first entry
“Warning…contentious issues…provocative comments…alien sex… Attention*
To those new fresh-faced visitors, who peruse these dark and turgid and potentially madness inducing pages beware…
Those of a more delicate frame of mind, in whom incense and absinthe may cause a tendency to lose control, those of a sweeter Disneyland disposition, who would wrap themselves in fairy-floss, who tremble and pale at the touch of a hand, at a passionate debate, at the sight of humanity revealed in all it’s nakedness and beauty…
To these I say heed this warning carefully gentle reader.
Stray no further unless you are prepared to be offended, confronted, challenged, suprised, delighted, subconsciously seduced and bewitched, in equal parts bored and stimulated, occasionally intrigued, oft mildly amused, sometimes reluctantly in agreement with but oft secretly despise, and entertained.
This is your ONLY warning.”
For the late-comer I should explain that this refers to an innocent post, a professional photo of 6 naked Fat ladies holding hands and dancing merrily in a circle…someone had cleverly photoshopped the Mcdonalds logo in the centre of the circle with the caption:  “I’m loving it”…two women in particular who shall remain nameless said the photo was shameful exploitation and that they were offended stating that I should remove it. I refused, politely…so they reported it as spam or offensive and had Facebook remove the pic.
These were the words I had attached to the pic, which no doubt offended them further : “War on Drugs?…absurd. War on Terror?…a contradiction in terms.


Dwayne Watkins said...

The best thing about this garbage site is the add for From the Ashes of Capitalism, I just finished reading it and it was amazing. You should head over to Social Rebirth and grab a free copy.

Dwayne Watkins said...

Dwayne Watkins said...

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